24 November 2007

These Tigers are No. 1

(From BCS Guru)

Just like last week, the Tigers will be atop of the new BCS standings. But it will be the Missouri Tigers who replace the LSU Tigers as the 2007 regular season enters its final week.

Closing in at No. 2 and a spot in the BCS title game will be West Virginia. After demolishing overmatched UConn on Saturday, the Mountaineers should have a commanding lead in the standings over No. 3 Ohio State.

The Buckeyes are hardly out of it, however. Should Missouri lose to Oklahoma in the Big XII championship game, Ohio State will be playing in its second straight BCS national championship game.

This is where it gets interesting: If Missouri loses and West Virginia also gets upset by Pittsburgh next week, there will be a glut of 2-loss teams vying for a spot opposite of Ohio State. Despite its loss to Missouri, Kansas still has a slim chance of making it to the BCS title game via a backdoor.

After Kansas's loss, Hawai'i is the only undefeated team in Division I-A, with Washington left on its schedule. The Warriors are on the cusp of becoming the second consecutive WAC champion to go undefeated and earn a BCS bowl berth. The Guru projects that Hawai'i will be at No. 13, just one spot short of getting a guaranteed BCS bid. However, at the moment Hawai'i will be the 10th eligible team in the Top 14, and stands a very good chance of earning a BCS bowl berth.

The Guru's Projected Top 15: 1. Missouri; 2. West Virginia; 3. Ohio State; 4. Kansas; 5. Georgia; 6. LSU; 7. Virginia Tech; 8. USC; 9. Arizona State; 10. Oklahoma; 11. Florida; 12. Boston College; 13. Hawai'i; 14. Tennessee; 15. Illinois.


Clint Bass said...

How can you predict Oklahoma to remain at 10? And if you are right, there obviously is something wrong with the BCS system. Oklahoma won easily over a decent Oklahoma State team. Arizona State played only their second respectable opponent and lost again. How could ASU be ahead of OU. Going futher, USC beats an overrated ASU team and slides ahead of OU. After the polls come out, OU will be the only team to beat the #1 team in the nation. Hear is my top 5:

1. Missouri
2. West Virginia
3. Oklahoma
4. Ohio State
5. LSU

Ohio State has played the weakest schedule of any team in the top 10. LSU has won quite of few close games, some teams in which are now considered average to below average teams.

In a perfect world, there would be a playoff after next week. In this 8 team playoff you would most likely have 3 big 12 schools vying for the "whole enchilada." And if there was a playoff system, I wouldn't be wasting my time writing this blog.

David Meyrowitz said...

As always, good predictions. How about this, which I haven't heard mentioned anywhere yet. I'm not entirely sure how the PAC 10 tie-breaker works, but it still looks possible that UCLA makes the Rose Bowl and BYU makes the Sugar bowl. Here's how:

On Saturday, if UCLA beats USC, Arizona beats Arizona St, Oregon St beats Oregon, then UCLA should win the PAC 10 by holding the tie-breaker with victories over USC and Oregon St (with Oregon having 4 conference losses).

Now if BYU beats San Diego St and Hawaii loses to Washington, BYU should move up from 19 to 16 by passing Oregon, Arizona St, and Hawaii. They'd finish ahead of five loss PAC 10 champ UCLA in the BCS, giving them an automatic berth.

Do my calculations sound right? I sure hope so b/c I blogged about them earlier :)

Mars said...

I was also going to ask about #19 BYU.

IF Hawaii loses to Washington, and
IF UCLA wins the PAC-10...

THEN The Cougars are in, correct?

The Zookeeper said...

For UCLA to win the Rose Bowl berth, it must beat USC, have Arizona beat ASU and Oregon beat Oregon State. If the Bruins beat USC, UA beat ASU and Oregon State beats UO, then USC wins the Pac-10 title.

If UCLA does indeed win the Pac-10, then BYU can claim the automatic berth by finishing in the Top 16 IF Hawaii loses to Washington. Yes, the Cougars still have a shot and that's why the BCS hasn't released them to other bowls yet.

Anonymous said...

you are stupid, UGA's loss to Tennessee was a long time ago. A lot has changed since then. Including LSU losing twice. GO DAWGS!