11 November 2007

No One is Safe

(From BCS Guru)

As expected, LSU and Oregon are now atop of the latest BCS standings, with a trio of Big 12 teams not too far behind. This year's BCS title race is far from over.

In the next three weeks, essentially a Big 12 tournament should determine who survives to at least make a claim for a spot in the BCS national championship game. Meanwhile, LSU and Oregon will need to each win their remaining three games to keep the Big 12 challenger at bay.

The Ducks face three teams with a combined record of 15-15. They play two of those three on the road, but have the toughest game -- the Civil War against Oregon State -- at Autzen Stadium. LSU has a road game against 3-7 Ole Miss and then a home game against 6-4 Arkansas. After that, it's onto the SEC championship game, against either Tennessee, Georgia or Florida.

The only team that might prevent the much-anticipated SEC-Pac-10 showdown -- without either team losing -- is Kansas. If the Jayhawks should sweep Iowa State, Missouri and Oklahoma (in the Big 12 title game), then they may push their way into New Orleans. Otherwise, a 12-1 Oklahoma or Missouri will have a hard time crashing the BCS title game.

But if we've learned anything from this tumultuous 2007 season, is that anything can happen. And three weeks is an eternity.


Anonymous said...

Completely agree with your analysis. At this point, the BCS picture is really starting to clear up. Like you said before, 3 weeks is an eternity. At this point it seems like anybody outside of that top 5 doesn't really have a chance. If both LSU and Oregon win out, I'll be interested to see how their BCS ranking compares to the winner of the Big 12 "playoff". -jeff

Anonymous said...

Mizzou is going to lose to Kansas State. Kansas is going to lose to Mizzou. Oklahoma is going to lose in the Big 12 championship.
LSU will lose to Arkansas or in the SEC championship.
Oregon will lose to UCLA or Oregon State.
Ohio State will lose to Michigan.
Arizona State will lose to USC.
West Virginia will run the table and be ranked #1 at the end of the year and play in the NC.

Even if some of that doesn't happen, WVU can end up in the #2 spot.

sexy said...