15 November 2007

Thanks, Bro!

(From BCS Guru)

Family business, it's a beautiful thing.

Bob Stoops wants to coach in the BCS national championship game badly, so brothers Mike and Mark took care of business Thursday night, as Arizona took down No. 2 Oregon.

It was a devastating loss for the Ducks. Besides seeing their chance to play for the national title vaporize, the Ducks might miss out on a BCS bowl altogether. As of now, Oregon doesn't even have the inside track to the Rose Bowl.

The USC-Arizona State game on Thanksgiving may very well decide the Pac-10 title, and with it, a Rose Bowl berth. The Sun Devils control their own destiny, as victories over the Trojans and Arizona will return them to Pasadena for the first time since January 1997. USC needs one more Oregon loss, but with Dennis Dixon likely out for the year, it's not that far-fetched to think that the Ducks might lose to UCLA or Oregon State -- or both.

Outside of the Pac-10, they're rejoicing in Norman, Columbia and Lawrence ... and possibly in Morgantown and Columbus as well. The Big XII is just about guaranteed to have a representative in New Orleans. And should LSU slip up in one of its final three games, West Virginia and Ohio State might be back in the national title picture as well.

So what did we really learn Thursday night? Simple, Dennis Dixon should be the Heisman winner. With Dixon, the Ducks had a dynamic, unstoppable offense. Without him, the Ducks might end up being quarterbacked by a Leaf in San Diego. (OK, cheap shot there. To be fair, Ryan Leaf did lead Washington State to a Pac-10 title in 1997, something that probably will elude Oregon and little bro Brady.)

Too bad Oregon spent all that money on the Dixon for Heisman ad. Dixon proved his worth by his absence. However, since you can trust the Heisman voters as much you can trust the poll voters, you might as well engrave the name of the first-ever sophomore on the statuette.

Hey, it's 2007. Nothing follows form any more.


Anonymous said...

Even if LSU doesn't slip up, Kansas or Mizzou could could slip up and then beat the other two Bix XII teams. That would cause all 3 to dropand let WVU slide up to #2. Neither OSU nor ASU will jump WVU, provided WVU wins out. WVU in the national championship!

Anonymous said...

WVU lost to a team no longer ranked in the top 25, The BUCKEYES lost to number 17. The Buckeyes will jump WVU in a heartbeat if it were for the number 2 spot. GO BUCKS beat Michigan!!! Thanks Oregon, 1 down 5 to go (2 big XII teams for sure) so really 3 to go!!!!! Go BUCKEYES!

Side note:Dixon didn't prove he was a heisman, Leaf just isn't a college QB. I could have completed half the passes he missed.

Anonymous said...

I don't know what you're smoking buddy, but USF was #18 when WVU lost to the Bulls. It was a night away game, and then USF moved up to #2 in the nation. USF is a lot better than Illinois. Plus, WVU has 2 games after this week. OSU has zero. The computers like recent wins, and WVU can put up some style points as well as beat a ranked UConn team. Let's Go Mountaineers!

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