08 November 2008

Thank You, Hawkeyes!

(From BCS Guru)

There was rejoicing, from sea to shining sea, when Iowa's Daniel Murray booted a 31-yard field goal to beat Penn State, 24-23. The upset loss ended the Nittany Lions' bid for the BCS championship, as well as the Big Ten's hopes of appearing in the BCS title game for a third straight year.

Penn State's loss paves the way for an SEC-Big 12 title game. The way things are set up now, the winner of the Florida-Alabama SEC championship game should play whomever emerges victorious from the vicious Big 12 South. Texas Tech remains unbeaten, while both Texas and Oklahoma are still alive as each has one loss.

The odd team out continues to be USC. The Trojans may boast perhaps the nation's finest defense in this decade, but they might have to be content playing in the Rose Bowl against Penn State. USC probably will need an upset loss by the Big 12 South winner in the conference title game - or a loss by either Alabama or Florida before they meet in Atlanta for the SEC title.

So who'll be No. 1 this week? It looks like it'll still be Alabama, even if Texas Tech has amassed a more impressive resume at this point. But voters typically are reluctant to replace the top-ranked team without it losing, and since both teams will have similar computer rankings, what the voters want, the voters get.

Of course, who's No. 1 or No. 2 at this point means very little. There are still four weekends left in this college football season, and six teams still have a chance to play for the BCS title. And oh yeah, here's the parting shot: There is definitely a scenario out there for another split national championship. But we'll discuss that a bit later.

The Guru's projected BCS standings for Week 11:

1. Alabama, 2. Texas Tech, 3. Texas, 4. Florida, 5. Oklahoma, 6. Penn State, 7. USC, 8. Utah, 9. Ohio State, 10. Boise State, 11. Oklahoma State, 12. Georgia, 13. Missouri, 14. Michigan State, 15. Brigham Young.

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