09 July 2008

A RealClear Choice

Dear Reader:

The Berlinzoo is undergoing an expansion!

With pleasure, I'm announcing that I have joined the RealClearPolitics team. RCP is a well-trafficked and highly-regarded compilation and analysis site, on all matters politics. I will mainly work on a beta site (which I'm not at liberty to reveal yet) due to launch within a month, as well as RealClearSports, as an editor and contributor.

This is my first piece for RealClearSports, heralding the impending Wimbledon men's final between Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal, which, of course, did not disappoint. I am expected to write on a weekly basis, perhaps more frequently once the football season gets under way.

Like its sister site, RealClearSports is a compilation site that provides links to the day's top sports opinion and feature pieces from various publications, web sites and blogs. The site is updated twice daily, at 8 a.m. and 2 p.m. It's as if we're publishing a morning and an afternoon newspaper -- just like the good ol' days.

I will make another announcement when the beta site is formally launched. Please visit us, early and often!

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