22 July 2008

Missing Tiger ...

(From RealClearSports)

Let me just say that I'm a golf junkie. I watch. I play. I play it on my video game. I talk about it incessantly. And I used to be a golf columnist, too.

I was always annoyed by the Johnny-Come-Lately golf fans who only care about golf when Tiger Woods plays. C'mon, people, I say, golf's been around for a long, long time before Tiger came around, and it will do just fine with or without him.

It never occurred to me what Tiger meant to golf until he's not playing. Last weekend, he missed a major tournament for the first time since he turned pro in late 1996. And his absence was palpable. I still followed the British Open with interest, but it just wasn't the same.

You don't realize what you're missing until he's gone. You don't appreciate his importance and magnificence until he's conspicuous by his absence. And then I ran across this song ... well, it just about said it all.

Get well soon, Tiger ...

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