05 May 2008

New Day at the Zoo

Dear Reader:

We're excited to bring you some news at The Berlinzoo. Rest assured that you'll still find all the quality postings here uninterrupted. But if you're interested in any particular topic, you now may go to places that devote exclusively to what you're looking for.

The BCS Guru is getting a facelift. The end result is that the site will have a dual existence as a resource center and a blog. All postings and comments will now be archived at the Guru's blog site. And a new RSS feed from the Guru is now available.

As the Beijing Olympics are approaching, I will be providing more insights and analyses to everything about China and the Olympics. Since China obviously is not going away even after the Games, it's fitting that we'll now have a blog devoted exclusively to China. It will also double as a resource center for everything pertaining to China -- history, culture, current events and of course, politics. Go to Sinotaneous.com and have a look. An exclusive RSS feed for Sinotaneous will be available soon as well.

I want to thank you for your continued support. And if you are one of those people who just can't get enough of me, then please come back to The Berlinzoo, as everything I write will appear here. It's like a zoo that has more species than any other in the world.

Now which zoo would that be? Hmmm ...

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