09 September 2007

The Last FedEx Cup Post

Since just about all of the golf fans are watching the NFL now, the Tour Championship really should be played from Tuesday to Friday, making way for the weekend of football. But of course that's not gonna happen, so I digress.

OK, for a refresher for my recommendation on how to improve the FedEx Cup, see here and here. Basically the "Zoo Points" represent a far superior system to the convoluted setup currently in use. And it's much more fair.

Let's take a look:

There are five players mathematically alive for the FedEx Cup under the current system, but only three that can really win it.

1. Tiger Woods (112753 points) will win the Cup with a win at the Tour Championship, or if Steve Stricker finishes fourth or worse, or if Phil Mickelson finishes third or worse.
2. Stricker (109600) will win the Cup with a win, or by outgaining Woods by 3,200 points.
3. Mickelson (108613) will win the Cup with a win and if Woods finishes no better than third.

That's the abbreviated breakdown, but you still need to crunch more numbers and require a chart as big as the ones that football coaches carry on the sidelines to figure out all the scenarios.

Under the "Zoo Points" system, it's simple:

1. Woods (153.2 points) will win the Cup if he finishes no worse than 12th place (tied or otherwise).
2. Stricker (118.1) will win the Cup if he wins the Tour Championship and if Woods finishes 13th or lower.
3. Mickelson (112.0 points) will win the Cup if he wins and if Woods finishes 19th or worse.

That's it.

You don't need a chart. You don't need a calculator. It's all there.

Tim Finchem: It's time to use the Zoo Points to save your FedEx Cup.

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