09 August 2007

The Zoo is Now Open

After plotting this project for well over a month, the Berlinzoo is now officially open. Just like its namesake in the German capital, there are actually two zoos for the price of one. The political animals will reside apart from the sporting animals -- most of the time. Of course, they will all be in the charge of one Zookeeper.

You'll find fascinating commentary here about politics of our time, specifically about the survival of Western Civilization, lessons from history and also China. Full disclosure: The Zookeeper is a native of the Republic of China.

Sport will get its due as well, for the Zookeeper is a former sports journalist. He wears another hat as the BCS Guru. In addition to college football, the Zookeeper will keep you informed and enlightened about other pursuits from the extremely popular pro football to the extremely obscure college baseball. And yes, the 2008 Beijing Olympics will be prominently discussed here as well.

Welcome to the Berlinzoo. Enjoy the visit.

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